Market Opportunity Briefing

Global Automation Research LLC Market Opportunity Briefing provides a new, worldwide perspective on the Process Instrumentation and Automation (PI&A) marketplace. It draws on our Global PI&A Market Information Database to meet Client needs for market information and industry trends across multiple product and industry segments.

A Market Opportunity Briefing is not another generic market report. It is a presentation of Client selected market information conducted by a Principal of Global Automation Research LLC. The briefing is focused on the product categories, industry segments and geographic regions of interest to you. As an interactive review, there are opportunities for questions and extended discussions throughout the presentation. 

Market Assessment

Global Automation Research LLC Market Assessment is an in-depth assessment and analysis of a client-specific market segment(s) that goes beyond the scope of a Market Opportunity Briefing. A Market Assessment is closest to a traditional “custom market research project”, but Global Automation Research LLC brings unique industry and product experience, advanced research methods, broad industry and regional coverage and an unparalleled focus on the process instrumentation and automation (PI&A) market. 

Acquisition Strategic Services

Global Automation Research LLC provides acquisition support services including independent assessment of factors such as market size, candidate share, candidate customer satisfaction, etc. We also provide Clients with basic industry market orientation, strategic acquisition focus, and target company identification.

Custom Projects

Global Automation Research LLC has provided a number of custom projects, outside our services described above, to address our Clients unique market research and analysis requirements. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss any business planning needs and how we can support you through our custom research capabilities. If our company is not the solution you need, we will happily assist you in finding the resources that can address your requirements.

Sales Channel Assessments

Sales channels for process instrumentation and automation (PI&A) suppliers are complex with one or more potential participants. Understanding the various paths your products take to the end user is important. While end user demand ultimately determines the volume of sales, the price to be paid, etc., your ability to meet the requirements of the various sales channel participants may determine if, and how, you create and maintain your competitive advantage. 


Our ReMaP™, Regional Market Potential, assessment provides market demand data down to the 3 digit zip code or US County level, by Product, by Industry, and similar data for Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Chile. Visit our ReMaP Sales Planning LLC website for complete information on our ReMaP(tm) program. 

Annual Planning

We know that if we provide more time for detailed market re-search and analysis, our planning analysis and presentation preparation will be on time, thorough, accurate, support a winning plan presentation. And, probably, less stressful!

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