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Market Research and Analysis is a core competency of Global Automation Research LLC. We've invested in the most modern, effective methods to carry out the various projects and studies provided by our services. Our research capabilities are focused on the needs of the PI&A industry. 

Our Research Techniques have been honed over the last 20 years. Our "experience interviews" are implemented by our associates who are all degreed engineers capable of discussing both business and technology subjects with equal veracity. Through the continually expanding capabilities of the worldwideweb, our secondary source research has become a crucial part of our research capabilties. These research techniques have carried us successfully through over 400 proprietary projects.

A key tool developed by Global Automation Research LLC is the Process Automation Market Database. This tool is a proprietary database with about 150 product lines in 13 primary product classes. Each of the 150 product lines are further segmented by 12 process industries and 13 global regions. In addition, the database contains historical data beginning in 2003 through to the present. And, it includes our 5 year forecast that is updated each year. Including all dimensions, the database has over 400,000 records. We have developed a formal methodology to maintain and update all aspects of the database each year. 

Please follow our links for more information on the Research Techniques, the Process Automation Market Database, and our Methodology.

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