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In Depth Market Research and Analysis


The Global Automation Research LLC Market Assessment is an in-depth assessment and analysis of a client-specific market segment(s) that goes beyond the scope of a Market Opportunity Briefing. A Market Assessment is closest to a traditional “custom market research project”, but Global Automation Research LLC brings unique industry and product experience, advanced research methods, broad industry and regional coverage and an unparalleled focus on the process instrumentation and automation (PI&A) market.

Market Assessments address a broad range of Client research and analysis requirements. However, most fall into four categories. See our Representative Proprietary Projects list below.

Product Market Assessments

A Product Market Assessment is an in-depth consideration of a PI&A product or a group related of PI&A products. Product Market Assessments can cover market size and forecast estimates by product, industry, and geographic region, but typically extend the scope to include topics such as segmentation by application, enclosure type, area classification, competing technologies, data communications options, and many others.

New Product/Technology Assessments

The development of a new PI&A product, whether a product line extension or incorporating a new technology, requires very specific, knowledgeable, research and analysis to address a number of important issues. These may include new product performance versus end user needs and/or competing technologies, effect on market success of key product attributes such different packaging, type of interface to product, etc., price premiums for the new product, etc. The project deliverable will usually include estimates of product adoption rate, sensitivity of the adoption rate to different price levels, performance levels, etc. and analysis of the important issues leading to actionable conclusions to guide new PI&A product development.

Industry Assessment

An industry assessment considers the specific nature of demand for a PI&A product(s) in one or more industry segments. Here, the focus is on industry characteristics including market structure (sales channels, competitor market position, etc.), the participation and influence of EPCs, System Integrators, and OEMs, industry specific product attributes, key trends in end user demand for PI&A products, and estimates of market size and forecasted growth by industry segment, by product, and by region.

Company or Technology Acquisition

Acquisition of an entire company, a product line, or a new technology involves unique challenges the acquiring company. Important considerations can include the satisfaction of key customers with the company, realistic assessment market size, forecasted growth and key trends claimed by the seller, and viability of claimed technology advantages to meet or exceed current competing products.


Representative Proprietary Projects

These are some of the over 250 proprietary projects we have completed over the last 15 years.

Product Market Assessments

Temperature Sensors and Transmitters

Pressure Transmitters

Survey of Level and Flow Meter Markets

Micro-BTU Analyzers

PGC-Based Sulfur Analyzers

Process Control Valves

Nuclear Level and Density Meters

Viscosity Process Meters

Inst. & Valve Services

Subsea Multiphase Flowmeters

Data Acquisition Products

IR/UV Flame Detection Sensors

Combustible and Toxic Gas Monitors

Control Valve Positioners

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Machine Condition Monitoring

TOC Process Analyzers

Performance Monitoring Services

High Pressure Pumps

Process Cycle Time Requirements

Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Coriolis Flowmeters

Machine Vision Products

UST Leak Detection

Predictive Maintenance Tools

Belt Scales, Weigh-Feeders, Solids Flow

Pneumatics Instruments and Control

Smart Valve Positioners

Magneto-strictive Level Gauges

Pressure Calibrator Units

Process Photometers

Wet Chemical Analyzers

Vortex Flowmeters

Insertion Magnetic Flowmeters

Magnetic Flowmeters

Equipment Vibration Monitoring

FIA and Segmented Flow Analysis

Point IR Combustible Gas Detectors

Color Photometers

NIR Spectrometers

pH and Conductivity Inst./Sensors

Trace Oxygen Instruments

Nuclear Density/Level Instruments

Magnetic Flow Meters

Coriolis Flow Meters

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Primary Flow Elements

Microwave Level

Tank Gauging

Pressure Gauges and Switches

Temperature Gauges and switches

RTD and T/C Sensors

Metering Pumps

Remote I/O

New Product/Technology
A New Wireless Field Device
Novel Pressure Sensor
CCTV Flame Sensors
NMR Process Analyzers
Raman Process Analyzers
New Data Collection Device
Low Flow Rate Meter
TDL Photometer
A Branded Process Gas Chromatograph

Industry Assessment
Product Opportunities in Industrial Gas
Water & Wastewater Flow Meters
Survey of Plant Managers
Survey of Mfg. Reps.
Channel Logistics Trends
Coriolis Flowmeter End User Preferences
OEM Requirements or Recorders
Field Sensors for Bacterial Contamination
Pressure Products in O&G Industry
Pressure Products in W&WW Industry

Company or Technology Acquisition
Mobile NIR Spectrometer
Semiconductor Wafer Sensor
Tank Gauging Temperature Sensors
Nuclear Rated Temperature Sensors
Manual Laser Profiling
Portable Gas Monitors
Microwave Moisture Analyzer
Unique Portable EC Array Monitor
Tunable Diode Analyzers
Market Potential For An HCI Analyzer
Process FTIR Spectrometers

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