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Client Focused Market Information for PI&A Products


The Global Automation Research LLC Market Opportunity Briefing provides a new worldwide perspective on the Process Instrumentation and Automation (PI&A) marketplace. It draws on our Global PI&A Market Information Database to meet client needs for market information and industry trends across multiple product and industry segments. Some of the client objectives recently addressed by custom Market Opportunity Briefings include:

  • Periodic product market information updates to support annual performance assessment and new-year goal setting

  • Market information and trends to support the consideration of proposed strategic expansions of product lines, served markets or geographic coverage

  • Assessment and selection of product market segments to meet strategic acquisition plans

  • Orientation of new management to the PI&A market size, forecasted growth, segmentation, and key product technology, end user and supplier trends

  • Identification of new market opportunities for new or existing product lines in selected industry or geographic segments

A Market Opportunity Briefing is not another generic market report. It is a presentation of client selected market information conducted by a Principal of Global Automation Research LLC. The briefing is focused on the product categories, industry segments and geographic regions of interest to you. As an interactive review, there are opportunities for questions and extended discussions throughout the presentation. All data presented, and other supporting information, is provided to the Client in an Excel workbook.

The Market Opportunity Briefing is based on our extensive experience with over 140 different product lines in the PI&A market. The Briefing is combined with our on-going review of industry and economic trends such as our coverage of the recovery from the 2009 economic downturn, new areas of opportunity in key global regions and industries, and key trends in unconventional O&G, and water scarcity.

The scope of the briefing is defined by the client. First the specific PI&A products of interest are selected, followed by target industries and, finally, the geographic regions of interest (e.g. Global, USA, Europe, BRIC, etc).

For each PI&A product, the briefing provides the current market size for the base year, the forecasted growth, and segmentation by industry (see industry segments below). Key market trends are discussed including new product technologies, changes in process industry needs, and regional differences.

For each of the selected product categories and major sub-categories, the key suppliers are identified. The supplier discussion includes recent new product introductions, acquisitions, divestitures, etc.


A Global Automation Research LLC Market Opportunity Briefing can be comprised of any of the following product categories, industries and global regions.

PI&A Product Categories

Pressure Gauge and Absolute Pressure, dP Flow, dP Level

Temperature Temperature Sensors, Transmitters, and auxiliary equipment

Flow Flow meters based on: Magnetic, Coriolis, Ultrasonic, Vortex, Thermal Mass, PD, Turbine, Multivariable, Open Channel, and All Other Flowmeters, Orifice Plates and Other Primary elements

Continuous Level Capacitance, Ultrasonic, mWave Non Contact and Contact, all other electronic and mechanical Process Level and Tank Gauging products

Point Level Electronic point, Vibration point, and all other point level products

Analytical Photometers, Optical Spectroscopy, Gas Chromatography, Oxygen Gas, Conductivity, pH/ORP, Other eChem, Moisture Measurements, Stack Monitoring, Water Analyzers, Other Gas Analyzers, Other Liquid Analyzers, and Sampling Systems

Control Valves Rotary, Sliding Stem, and other Control Valves, Control Valve Positioners, and pressure Regulators

Data Acquisition PC Front end, data loggers, and Recorders for Data Acquisition

Flame & Gas Combustible Gas Detectors, Electrochemical Gas sensors, Flame Detectors, and all other Flame and Gas products and systems

Safety Systems SIL Instruments and ESD Systems

Metering Pumps Piston, Diaphragm, and other metering pumps

Control Systems DCS, PLC, SCADA , Engineering Services and all other automation products

Services Factory repair, remanufacturing and field Instrument & Valve Services

Global Regions

United States




Rest of Latin America

Europe (includes Norway, Switzerland, non-EU Central Europe)

Russia (CIS)

Mid East & Africa

India (includes Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka)

China (includes Hong Kong)

East Asia (includes Japan, Korea, Taiwan)

ASEAN (includes Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.)

Oceania (includes Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands)

Industry Categories


Oil & Gas Onshore and offshore production, pipeline transportation of crude oil, natural gas, and refined petroleum products (does not include distribution)

Oil Refining Petroleum refineries, asphalt products, lubrication oil and grease, and all other petroleum and coal products.

Chemicals Basic and intermediate organic chemicals (petrochemicals), polymers, fine chemicals including paints & coating, dye & pigments, adhesives, soap, detergents, etc. agriculture chemicals, industrial gases, and in-organics such as alkalis & chlorine, carbon black, etc.

Pharmaceuticals Medicinal and botanical, pharmaceutical preparations, and biological products

Food & Beverage Grain milling, sugar, frozen liquids & food, milk & milk products, meat & poultry, processed foods, soft drinks, juices, and alcohol beverages, and tobacco

Pulp & Paper Pulp mills, paper mills, other sheet mfg.

Electric Utilities Fossil fuel electric power generation

Municipal Water & WastewateWater supply systems, wastewater treatment facilities

Primary Metals Iron, steel, aluminum, copper, etc. production, smelting, rolling, sheet & plate, wire, etc.

Mining Mining of iron, copper, lead, precious metals, other metals and non-metallic quarrying and mining.

Cement Mfg. of cement

All Other Semicon, textiles, printing, heat treating, mfg. of glass & clay products, etc.


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