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Maintaining the Process Automation Market Database and supporting our Services requires a dedicated, continuous process. The following outlines some of the key activities involved in our research.

Market Estimation & Forecasting Methodology

Continuous Process

  • Throughout the year GAResearch maintains a monitoring activity of trade publications, end user and supplier press releases, government statistics reporting, etc.

  • GAResearch completes 15 to 20 proprietary projects that include updates, expansions, and refinement of individual product categories, industry categories, and geographic regions information in the Global PI&A Market Database.

  • Attend trade shows, client events, and technical association meetings throughout the year.


Year End Analysis

  • Over the period January through early March of the forecast year, data and information is collected that will provide the basis for establishing the actual market value for the base year 2015.

  • Further data and information is collected to support the development of the 5-year forecast.

  • Use Microsoft OneNote to collect and organize data. For this year’s update we collected over 800 pages of information. An additional 50 Excel spreadsheets were developed to analysis the quantitative data collected.

  • Use regression analysis and proprietary modeling of the product, market and regional data contained in the Global Automation Research LLC PI&A Product Market Database to establish base line growth forecast, then modify and refine will primary and secondary research defined above.


Data Sources

  • Analysis of public PI&A supplier’s annual reports, 10K filings, financial and industry presentations, and results of google searches

  • Analysis of top public company end users (Shell, ExxonMobil, Tyson Foods, Novartis, etc.) annual reports, 10K filings, presentations etc. with focus on current and future capital and MRO spending, new plant, plant expansions, regional shifts in spending, overall strategic plans and goals and likely effects on PI&A spending

  • Trade association annual reports, forecast estimates, etc. (EEI, API, ACC, etc.)

  • Government agencies database and forecasts (DOE/EIA, U.S. Census Bureau, Dept. of Commerce, etc.)

  • Trade and technical publications (Food Processing Magazine, Oil & Gas Journal, HPI, Chemical Engineering, etc.) GAResearch monitors over 60 such publications.

  • Adjacent equipment suppliers (food manufacturing equipment, chemical processing equipment, pumps, fans, electric drives, etc.

  • Publically available information from industry specific consulting and research firms (Douglas Westwood-O&G, Bluefield Research – W&WW, etc.

Proprietary Model

Needless to say, it is not possible to update every record every year. We have developed a proprietary model that assists in completing the annual updates. Some important components of this model include: linear regression analysis of the historical data; information and data collected from the 10 to 20 proprietary projects we complete each year; industry demographic data from various sources; and underlying databases created to track major end user company capex, opex, and MRO spending and annual financial results from publicly held PI&A suppliers. 

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