Part 1:

No-Cost Sources for Process Industry Projects and Facilities Information: Natural Gas LNG installations, pipelines, storage facilities; and hydropower facilities.

Finding and tracking process industry new build and expansion projects is an on-going challenge to suppliers of PI&A products and services. Commercial firms such as Construction Monitor,, Dodge Data & Analytics, Construct Connect Company, and CMD Group (Reed Construction Data) provide fee-based project lists and lead generation. Other fee-based companies such as Dun & Bradstreet, Hoovers, and infoUSA, provide company and plant level information with contacts.


Through our research we have discovered several no-cost sources of both project information and facility location in the FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) website.

These sources are industry-specific, with varying degrees of completeness and detail. In the following, we provided links to sources concerning: natural gas LNG installations, pipelines, storage facilities; and hydropower facilities. The information in the FERC project and facility information is derived from license and permits required by FERC. No useful information is provided for the Electric and Oil industries.

Each white paper includes directions to the pertinent information within the source website. We have not included URLs (other than to the home page of the source) because these websites, like most, will change over time and any URLs will not necessarily work after changes to the website. By identifying the download link or other appropriate sources within the website, a user can probably track down the data in a new website layout.


FERC data about the hydropower industry in the U.S. includes planned projects and a list of all installations.


FERC provides information on installations and planned projects, with some information on the status of projects concerning hydropower plants, natural gas LNG installations, storage facilities, pipelines. Each project documentation is composed of sequential filings with FERC and may take some time to determine available information. There usually are links to the company website that may provide more, or more useful, information.

LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)

FERC provides information on installations and planned projects, natural gas LNG installations, both import and export locations. Some plants in Canada and Mexico are also included.

Natural Gas Storage

FERC provides information on installations and planned projects for underground natural gas storage. Both pre-filings (early warning) and pending (most filings complete) are documented.

Natural Gas Pipelines

FERC provides information on pending and on-going projects for natural gas pipelines. Both pre-filings (see pre-filings below) and pending (most filings complete) are documented. No information is available here on gas pipeline installations.

Pre-Filing for Natural Gas LNG and Pipeline Projects

The pre-filing information provides forward looking information on possible projects that have completed some preliminary planning, sufficient to start the FERC filing requirements.

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