New EIA Country Analysis: Norway

The report reveals that Norway’s:

  • Oil and gas exports account for 15% of Norway’s GDP

  • Oil and gas reserves are all offshore

  • North Sea oil production has declined to about 2M b/d in 2015, from from a high of 3.4M b/d in 2001

  • Oil exports go to Europe (97 percent)

  • Subsea oil pipelines can move 1.8 b/d of crude and concentrates

  • Crude oil refining capacity is 346,000 b/d, in two refineries

  • Natural gas production increased from 2 to 4.1 tcf between 2001 & 2015.

  • Gas exports are the third-largest in the World

  • Natural gas production is exported to Europe (95%)

  • Has 3,310 miles of gas export pipelines delivering almost 4 tcf.

  • LNG shipments totaled 198 Bcf in 2015

  • Norway is a leader in the development of small-scale LNG plants

  • Natural gas plant liquids (NGPL) reached 350,000 boe in 2015

  • NGPL port, is the largest in Europe and one of the World’s largest

  • Exports of LPG are increasing, but ethane production has dropped

  • Hydro-power accounts for 97% of electric generation

To see the full EIA Report, CLICK HERE >>

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