No-Cost Information Resources for Suppliers of PI&A Products and Services

Through our research activities over the years we have discovered several no-cost sources of useful market information concerning the process industries and process instrumentation and automation (PI&A) products and services.

Yes, there are a number of commercial sources for this information that provide detailed information on process industry projects and existing facilities, for a fee. It will take some work to find, organize, and maintain project and facility information in the no-cost resources, but the information is free. For our Clients, and visitors to our website, we are preparing a series of white papers that describe how to access these available, web-based resources. A question that comes up often from our clients concerns locating individual company information and identifying planned new construction projects in the process industries. So, the first few white papers in this series will address sources for process industry project and facility information:

Part 1 - the first paper, takes you to the FERC (US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) and covers: natural gas LNG installations, pipelines, and storage facilities; and hydro-power.To see Part 1, GO HERE >>

Part 2 - the second paper, guides you to the EIA (US Energy Information Agency) as a source for information on current and planned new electrical generating facilities. To see Part 2, GO HERE >>


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